Monday, 4 May 2020


by Pavlos Andronikos

It seems to me crazy that some people imagine all kinds of conspiracies when there is no clear evidence, but are unable to see the one conspiracy which is everywhere and which has been revealed beyond doubt by the evidence of leaked e-mails (Climategate) and the statements of disillusioned scientists (e.g. Christopher Landsea, Paul Reiter, Richard Lindzen, Hans von Storch, Roger Pielke, Hal Lewis). I refer, of course, to the cynical campaign emanating from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which amounts to a conspiracy to deceive the world and thereby force countries to abandon fossil-fuel power generation and/or pay a “carbon tax”.

“Golden Egg” by Pavlos Andronikos

Almost equally insane is the scornful dismissal of all suggestions of conspiracy as mere “conspiracy theory”, even when there is unequivocal evidence that a conspiracy is under way.
An impartial appraisal of what scientific debate there is leads to the conclusion that the science of climate is by no means settled, and that there are good scientific reasons for disbelieving the claim that man-made CO2 is causing global warming to an extent which will bring about imminent catastrophe. My own conclusion is that we are being had, but few of my friends seem to agree with me. I am beginning to think that a very great number of people want to believe that catastrophe is imminent. Psychologists should investigate.
Perhaps it is relevant that when I googled “end of the world syndrome” to see if they already had, I discovered that there are computer games/novels called “World End Syndrome” and “Our World is Ended”! Oh, the excitement!
I shall end with a quote from the late Clive James. Make of it what you will:
In those days … he predicted mass death by extreme cold. Lately he predicts mass death by extreme heat. But he has always predicted mass death by extreme something…

Note: The Clive James quote is from “Mass Death Dies Hard” in Climate Change: The Facts 2017 ed. by Jennifer Marohasy.

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