Wednesday, 22 July 2020


by Pavlos Andronikos

Strange things happen when you’ve been in enforced isolation too long. You begin to feel trapped, like an animal in a cage rattling at the bars, frantic for freedom. You stand at your open door looking out, and the house disappears around you. Just a door left, a door in a wall… and a cat hugging the wall fearful that it too may vanish like the sociable young wombat whose head and one paw keep appearing and disappearing up in the trees. And then again, sometimes you are overcome by stranger visions, a magic flying settee takes off past your window with a startled child on board. An exotic lizard parks itself in your living room calmly eyeing your camera bag. You fear you are losing your mind… and you are. A mist descends and the trees turn ghostly with whispers. You put out your cigarette... you’ve been alone too long.

For relief, you start up your computer and play with pictures...

[Note: Click on the title below each picture to see a larger version.]

The Human Condition

The Door in the Wall

The Magic Settee
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